peace love ruth ☮ (gurleygurlpie) wrote in phallicpregunta,
peace love ruth ☮

boyfriend is disinterested in sex

My boyfriend of over one year is disinterested in sex. Originally, the disinterest was caused by inexperience and performance anxiety. However, after many, many attempts to successfully have sexual intercourse and discussions about his fears/worries, we were finally able to have good sex. This was in the spring. His higher libido only lasted a few months though (late March to July). By August he was already disinterested in sex (not just piv, but ALL forms of sex) again. He constantly tells me how much he loves me, but it makes me think that he is only emotionally interested in me. I am the type of person who values a healthy sex life in a relationship and his lack of interest in sex is causing me to question if he is boyfriend material for me. We have talked about this issue on several occasions, but nothing seems to change. He blames in on his 'low libido' and 'not understanding his own body'. I have encouraged him to practice masturbating as a way for him to become more knowledgeable about his body (since he only masturbated in his junior year of high school/when he was sixteen years old) and/or to seek professional guidance. He seems to listen to my suggestions, but does not act upon them. I am beginning to question his sexuality/maturity since he expresses no interest in having any type of sex. Any advice on what to do about this situation? I am about to throw in the towel out of frustration and rejection.
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