Noumenon (noumignon) wrote in phallicpregunta,

Fleshlight too tight?

I bought a Fleshlight, and it was uncomfortably tight, so I stopped using it. Then, a couple months later, I realized you can unscrew the bottom for less air pressure and that was a major improvement. But it's still too tight. Do I have insufficient hydraulic pressure in my penis, or is this thing designed for hardcore masturbators who need a death grip to get off? The expanded line of products includes an "ultra tight" and "super tight" model, so I'm thinking this is the loosest one they've got.

If the Fleshlight is too tight for me, will I have similar problems with a live vagina? Not that I'm really expecting to encounter one, I'm just curious. Anyway, I've just gone back to my regular water wings where the air pressure is adjustable.
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