dust_mote (dust_mote) wrote in phallicpregunta,

Condom Width

Not to uh, "brag" or anything, but how do you tell if a condom isn't wide enough? I think I might be a bit extra "thick" because when I tried one that was labeled XL it ended up producing a somewhat tight painful pressure sideways. Are the "sizes" they advertise, like S,M,L,X,XL,etc, are those sizes standard between brands? I would like to try some advertised as "extra-wide" but I'm a bit reluctant to buy a whole box of condoms that I may not even be able to use. I'm average length... just kind of need some shopping tips. :)
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Try Magnums by Trojan....that is what I use and it is great when you need a little width instead of length.
Sure I'll try 'em out thanks. I'll only report back more TMI if they're still not working.
What he said....and I believe this community is based on TMI. No worries. :)