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Asking for a Luddite man friend of mine...It's not exactly penis-related, but it seemed I might get decent advice here as opposed to another comm. (xposted tomenzhealth  just in case)

He gets very bad headaches, only started recently.He says they get worse when he bends down. He works outdoors so we thought allergies but none of the allergy medications we've tried seem to help him at all. He went to the doctor, they tried antibiotics for sinus infection, but when he went back they said that he no longer had the infection and he's still getting the headaches.

He gets them more in the morning but then he's very tired at the later parts of the day.

He does have slightly high blood pressure and a little money stress, but nothing new; he has no std's or other diseases that we know of. I don't know exactly what all the doctor has tested him for, but I'd assume just general things.

he's been to the doctor twice now and they said it was maybe stress but, relaxing, stretching, good sex, smoking pot, relaxing, taking care of some of his stressful problems, and playful fun times in general haven't helped him at all.
He's having a hard time doing things to relieve his stress because the headaches hurt so much and he is so tired afterwards.

He's starting to do more stretching for his neck and eating better/cutting back on drinking (he drinks some but not much) and he usually gets a ton of exercise, rides his bike pretty often and does physically active work every day. He has good vision (recently went ot the eye doc) and has no really bad health issues in any other way- he has a lot of old injuries like broken bones and such from years ago, as well as having had a few good thomps to the head in years past, but nothing recently.  (like within the last six months/year or so) He, like me, hates the dentist, so that's one avenue we haven't explored yet, but I'm not sure what kind of cavity would give you a headache and no pain. (He's had excellent dental health, which is one of the reasons he hasn't been to the dentist in a long time)

He does snore so I thoguht maybe sleep apnea (my cousin has this) but the headaches are NEW, and came on suddenly, a few weeks ago, so I think he'd have had trouble with them before this.

If anyone has any ideas of what this could be from, or advice on home remedies for headache that don't involve lying down in a dark room with a wet rag on his forehead like some kind of 19th-century hausfrau with "the vapors" (this doesn't really fit his personality, ha!) I'd really appreciate hearing them.

Additional info: he's 41, physically active, light drinker, light smoker, not overweight and not scrawny, and active.
Short form: headache cures? headache causes? How can I help him feel better? And has anyone had any personal experience with this?
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