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urination among other things

Hello! I'm doing this on the behalf of my husband, because we're starting to get a little worried.
My husband is 26 years old, he's mildly overweight (5'11 and 200 lbs) non drinker, but he's a smoker. He had his prostate checked about 3 1/2, maybe 4 years ago. He's always urinated more than what I thought was normal, but it never caused any issues. It seems now though,in the past 2 or 3 months, he's going pee about every 2-3 hours, and he said he feels pressure and the need to urinate even when he doesn't have to go sometimes. He said his urine isn't abnormal, and he's peeing just a bit less than a normal amount when he does go. He also doesn't have any pain when he does go. He doesn't have any pain in his testicles. He said that lately, like in the past month, he cannot hold an erection when masturbating, he can get semi and he can feel pleasure, and he can orgasm, and his ejaculate is fine. And, the past week, he has had problems keeping an erection in sex, unless he's getting oral. I haven't noticed any changes in his ejaculate either, other than maybe the amount has decreased a little bit.

I checked WebMD. And the first thing that came up there was an UTI, but I don't think that is the case, as his urine is a normal color, smell and there is no pain, and after 2 or 3 months wouldn't it have developed into a kidney infection? We're just wondering if anyone had any ideas about what this might be, so we can know if he needs to go to the ER, or if we should see about finding a regular Dr. We're poor young kids and have no insurance, but if it's something this serious, we will find a way to see an MD. He said that he also feels pressure around his prostate, so he is thinking he might have something wrong there. Is he a little young for cancer? Any help is appreciated.
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