antistatic_86 (antistatic_86) wrote in phallicpregunta,

Sensitivity loss?

My boyfriend has been losing sensitivity in the head of his penis for three to four weeks now. He is uncircumcised, and is a moderate masturbator. We don't get the opportunity to be together four days a week, so he'll take care of things on his own a few times. But neither of these is a new development.

I was having some vaginal irritation issues at the start of our relationship, so we didn't start having PIV sex on a regular basis until about mid-January, just about two months ago.

He's also on Celexa, or a generic. I suspect the particular type of pill he was taking changed (even though he insists otherwise. He switched doctors and got a new prescription. Other side effects have changed, too, and when it comes to things like this, [much as I love him!] he is not the most observant guy ever).

So, my question is, could the loss of sensitivity be attributed to a change in pill? Or any of the other reasons listed? Any other ideas?
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