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Pills and Creams and Scams

I can't believe ads still appear on TV and in print pushing male enhancement products.

Are there guys out there who have really benefitted from products like these? From the pills and the pumps and the creams, etc.? I am assuming none of these products really work...that's why it's hard to figure out how the companies get away with blatantly false ad campaigns.

How do they get away with exploiting men and women's insecurities like this?
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most of those pills have fine print in the ad that says the enlargement only lasts as long as the person takes the pill. i find that funny.

but personally, it's about time society put a little superficial pressure on men! look at what women are subjected to every day! you can stick a beautiful blonde skinny girl with big boobs into just about any ad in existence!
So you're saying that those pills actually work for a while? I find it hard to believe they work at all. That's kind of where I was going with post-asking how companies get away with false ads like this?

Has anybody ever taken one of these pills and gotten benefit? It just seems to be a placebo effect, you know, they convince the men that the pill works and the men buy their product.

Yes, I couldn't agree with you more-women are subjected to the same non sense.
haha well i dont know anywone who has ever taken them, but that's what the fine print at the bottom of the ad always says
Who says that they are only for men who want to please women?...
Yep! I agree with you. I didn't mean to exclude the fact of men pleasing men. I was only suggesting that the companies are making a buck just by exploiting men's self esteem issues. I've never heard of anyone actually succeeding in enlarging their manhood by taking a pill.
Er, a lot of this stuff is directed at gay guys actually. Also, it's done to men BY men, it wasn't women that came up with these products or marketing strategies, just like it wasn't women that came up with high heeled shoes or breast enlargement surgery either.

Finally men are just turning on themselves. The've been doing it with sports car and beer marketing for years, why not just get straight to the point. Guys! Just make yer cock bigger than you won't need a little red convertible to keep a hot chick. *genius*
Aaaaaaaaand LOL! *polite golf claps*
Good point. People are always using status symbols in place of the real thing. It would be nice if we could all just cut to the chase but it's likely not going to happen.
I guess I don't really see the problem with it. It's sort of the same thing as woman wanting larger breasts because many men like larger breasts. Some women, including me, are more attracted to a larger penis. If a man wants to have a larger penis, more power to him. He's a big boy, he can make his own decisions.
Also, perhaps a man wants a larger penis for HIMSELF. For me, I got a boob job for ME, because it made ME feel better about myself. Believe it or not, sometimes people do things like that for themselves rather than others.
I know plenty of women who have done it. It makes them feel much better about themselves and that's good. But they had implants put in. What I found strange about the ad was that they are selling pills. I don't think you can enhance a man's size by taking a pill. Seems like a scam to me. and i suspect a of guys are trying it out of curiousity and are being taken.
They sell pills for women to enlarge their breasts, also, and they don't work either. It's just like with ANY other kind of just has to read between the lines and realize that half the time, it's bullshit.
The problem with it is that pills just don't work. The companies are exploiting men's desire to please women by selling their product, making false promises and telling lies, just to make a buck.

Yeah, if the stuff really worked, that would be different. But as far as I know, it doesn't. I've certainly never heard of any true success stories. I was saying bigger is not better (to some people). that's a matter of preference. Did you look at the photos in the ad? If you were going out with one of those guys, would you prefer the before enhancement penis or the enlarged one? which looks better to you?
Something was wrong with the link to the ad above. so i looked for another ad that was similar and added that link, instead.

Does anyone know if the photos (under testimonials) are faked? I assume they are.
I saw on manswers that nothing works to enlarge a penis other than surgery. I'm guessing the pictures are faked.. I'd say you could show my boyfriends penis flaccid, and erect.. and it would look like that (er, not huge, but significantly bigger). he is, as they say, a "grower not a shower"
Such things are temporary (just like Viagra). The small print in the ad or website covers them legally. They get away with it because they stay on the legal side of the law. They make a business at it because there's a lot of foolish and insecure people out there who will fall for crap like that. Welcome to the world of advertising.